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Sit back folks, Moto Razr’s here!

Motorola has resurrected the Moto Razr. In the process, it has also dipped its toes into the growing foldable smartphone market. In a world of iPhones and Galaxy S20s, would you even consider the Moto Razr?


Motorola One Power: More bang for buck

The One Power is the first notched display smartphone from Motorola. One of its USPs is a mammoth 5000mAh battery. What more tricks does it pack under its sleek body?


Here’s the world’s first 5G smartphone

The Motorola Moto Z3 is on its way to becoming the first 5G-enabled phone (that too via a Moto Mod). However, does that fact alone make it worth consideration?


Try breaking Moto Z2 Force’s display

Smartphones remain quite delicate to this day. However, the Moto Z2 Force promises to not let the display give in to accidental phone drops. Is it worth buying though?


Motorola Moto G6’s appeal refuses to die

The Motorola Moto G family consists of phones offering unmatched value for money. The Moto G6 is the latest entrant. Does it carry forward this trend?