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Out with Fold, in with Galaxy Z Flip

Samsung's latest is called the Galaxy Z Flip. It is a foldable smartphone with a unique form factor. It marks the launch of Galaxy Z line of smartphones. But is it worth your consideration?


Sexy is in again with new F-Type

Jaguar has given the F-Type a new face, more tech, and more variety for 2020. The F-Type range is spread out quite wide and offers something for every taste. But does it make the car worth your consideration?

Sit back folks, Moto Razr’s here!

Motorola has resurrected the Moto Razr. In the process, it has also dipped its toes into the growing foldable smartphone market. In a world of iPhones and Galaxy S20s, would you even consider the Moto Razr?


Porsche Boxster becomes great again

The Porsche Boxster is one of the few two-seat roadsters in the market. However, it has been overshadowed by the 911 and the Cayman. Let's see if its GTS 4.0 guise is worthy of your consideration.


VW ID.3 – EV for masses Pt. 2

Volkswagen has launched a new electric sub-brand called ID with ID.3 hatchback. Why did VW go the hatchback route? IS the ID.3 worth your time? Time to decode the VW ID.3.


2020 Street Triple RS – Getting better

Triumph is now the Moto2 engine supplier. The result of that role is the 2020 model year Street Triple RS. With a ground-up redesign some time away, let's see what the 2020 Street Triple brings to the table.


Land Rover reinvents an icon!

The iconic Land Rover Defender is back. It no longer is a body-on-frame SUV. Does that hurt its appeal in the eyes of off-road enthusiasts? Let's see how strong an impression it makes on paper.


Autocratech – Missed opportunity

September was poised to be a huge month filled with some crazy launches. However, reality struck! Take a look at some highlights from September and what's cooking in October.


“Taycan marks the start of a new era”

Porsche is the latest car maker to offer a fully electric sport car. It has chosen to call this EV the Taycan and has been tasked to usher in a new era at the company. No pressure, right?


Audi’s latest show-stopper is a wagon

Audi is among the few major automakers to still make a wagon. The RS 7 Sportback is the hotter, angrier version of the A7 Sportback. Let's find out what it has in store for the buyers.