About Autocratech

Autocratech is a place I talk comprehensively about select products in the automotive and technology domains. It isn’t a news website and isn’t updated daily. The products talked about here need to have some significance – be it for their segment or for our (Indian) market, and most definitely, for the end users.

There are no opinions about products here. I don’t tell you what’s best for you (you know that already). I help you understand whether a product deserves your consideration or not. Whether you buy it or not is a decision you solely make. In my quest to bring you the most information available in a quality package, there are a few things we take care of:

1. Regular Updates – We don’t post stories daily but every week, I aim to push at least two stories (preferably in both Auto and Tech sections). Assembling information and presenting it in quality form takes time.

2. Finalized products only – I only talk about products that have a guaranteed market launch time or are already on sale. We don’t do speculative stories. This prevents me from speculation and possible misleading of readers (that’s you).

3. Product selection – We select products on their significance in the market. This means we can pick up a product that is not even on sale in India. However, we do consider certain factors when picking a product – its viability in the Indian market vis-à-vis its worldwide presence (no Camaros or Galaxy Note 8 Olympic Edition), its significance in a segment (Focuses and Razer Phone count), or its cool quotient (Chirons and Porsche Design phones are welcome too).

4. Ads – To maintain the content integrity, there will never be paid content for promotion of products from auto and tech companies. You make your products, I talk about them, and we both stay pros. However, CSR promotions are welcome if they happen in India or for a wide-reaching cause.

5. Editorial freedom – Freedom is a value I can’t put a price on. Anything that threatens Autocratech’s editorial freedom is a strict no-no. Paid content, plagiarised content, speculative information, are some instances which I stay as far away from as possible.

6. Sourced Content – I love creating content and respect others who do too. Whenever I source content from other sources, I credit those sources. This stands for both text and visual content. As far as images go, I prefer those from product makers primarily. This restricts the content on Autocratech to an extent but that’s a gamble worth taking.

In case of any further questions, queries, or if you just feel like saying Hi!, please fill the form below. Feel free to get in touch anytime.