About Autocratech

Autocratech is a place where we talk comprehensively about products in the automotive and technology domains. Autocratech is not a news website and is not updated daily. The products talked about here need to have some significance for their segment, for our (Indian) market, and for the end users. We pick select products and talk about them in as much detail as possible.

We are not trying to give you opinions on products. We don’t tell you what’s best for you (you know that already). What we help you understand is whether a product deserves your consideration or not. Understandably, not every product is going to make the cut and that is perfectly normal. In our quest to bring you the most information available in a quality package, there are a few things we take care of:

1. Regular Updates – We don’t post stories daily but every week, we aim to push at least two stories (preferably in both Auto and Tech sections) every Tuesday and Thursday. Assembling information and presenting it in quality form takes time.

2. Finalized products only – We only talk about products that have a guaranteed market launch time or are already on sale. We don’t do speculative stories. This prevents us from unnecessarily riling you up with information about a product that may never come to market.

3. Product selection – We select products on their significance in the market. This means we can pick up a product that is not even on sale in India. However, we do consider certain factors when picking a product – its viability in the Indian market vis-à-vis its worldwide presence (no Camaros or Galaxy Note 8 Olympic Edition), its significance in a segment (Focuses and Razer Phone count), or its cool quotient (Chirons and Porsche Design phones are welcome too).

4. Ads – To maintain our content integrity, we do not accept advertisements from product manufacturers (no auto and tech company advertisements, please). However, we can accept ads from component manufacturers (like Bosch and Logitech) . Also, we accept ads from component manufacturers even if they tie up with manufacturers (like Bosch-Maruti Suzuki or Logitech-Sony). However, in this case too, certain restrictions apply.

5. Editorial freedom – We value our editorial freedom over certain short-term benefits. True, nobody we know would turn down the opportunity to fly down to another country to test a product. However, if it threatens our editorial freedom, we will stay away from it.

6. Sourced Content – We love creating content and respect others who do too. Whenever we source content from other sources, we make sure to credit our sources. This stands true for both text and visual content. We prefer images from product makers primarily, otherwise we credit our image source. This restricts our content to a certain extent but that’s a gamble we are willing to take.

In case of any further questions, queries, or if you just feel like saying Hi!, please fill the form below and submit it. Your voice will reach us directly. Feel free to get in touch with us anytime.