Out with Fold, in with Galaxy Z Flip

Samsung’s latest is called the Galaxy Z Flip. It is a foldable smartphone with a unique form factor. It marks the launch of Galaxy Z line of smartphones. But is it worth your consideration?

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip – does it remind you of a handheld powder box? In this day and age, every phone maker is scrambling to offer a foldable device. In Samsung’s case, it is offering two – the Galaxy Fold and Galaxy Z Flip. Of these, the Galaxy Z Flip is the one with less fanfare around it. Look at it and tell me you were expecting something like this would hit the market. Anyway, here it is and now is the time to decode what makes the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip worth your consideration, if it really is worthy.

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip – Photo Gallery

What’s new about the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip?

Well, the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip isn’t your ‘run-of-the-mill’ foldable smartphone. It has two screens, a small one outside and a big foldable one inside. The difference is this – the outside screen (measuring 1.1 inch) is just a notification display. Despite the size, as soon as any notification pops up on the screen, you can tap on it and unfold the device to interact with it.


Due to its unique design, the Galaxy Z Flip offers a unique take on the multi-window mode. In this phone’s case, it is called Multi-Active Window. Activating it is straightforward too – open the multi-window tray, and drag and drop the apps you wish to use. This way, you can the use one app in the upper half of the screen and another app in the lower part. More on this in a bit.


Samsung has used a hideaway hinge on the phone. When the phone is fully unfolded, its bodywork hides the hinge, keeping it out of sight. Using such a clever hinge also allows Samsung to stick its branding on the hinge instead of the phone, giving it a clean aesthetic. More importantly, it allows the phone’s lower half to sit flush on a flat surface, aiding free-standing usability like a laptop.


Samsung claims this hinge allows the Galaxy Z Flip to stay unfolded at any angle for as long as you desire. It is not going flip fully open or fold down unless you make it. This allowed Samsung to use a new Infinity Flex Display on the phone. Coupled with the company’s proprietary Ultra Thin Glass, it likely wouldn’t show a crease in the display where the screen is bent to the max.


Its form factor does not permit Samsung to fit a regular battery in the Galaxy Z Flip. Hence, a dual battery system eliminates the need for having a single big battery. Instead, it uses two small batteries placed in either half of the phone. The total capacity of its dual-battery system stands at 3300mAh.


Coming back to the Multi-Active Window feature, the Galaxy Z Flip features Flex Mode UI. In free-standing mode, the UI splits the display in two separate units, upping its usability and practicality a few notches.


The fact that it has the Wireless PowerShare feature as its slab-like siblings is a major plus in Galaxy Z Flip’s favour. This feature allows the phone to charge your wireless peripherals like another smartphone, wireless earphones/headphones, and even smartwatches. It features a side-mounted fingerprint reader, and when unfolded, facial recognition too.


The Samsung Galaxy Z Flip is being built in limited numbers. It retails in three colours – Mirror Black, Mirror Purple, and Mirror Gold. Only one model is available for sale – 8GB RAM and 256GB internal storage (no expansion).

Is the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip worth consideration?

This question about the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip is quite sensible. First off, the phone is going to start a new Galaxy Z lineup of devices. Going by what we have in Galaxy Z Flip, it is an encouraging sign. The phone is made to a high standard, looks great, and has top-of-the-line hardware (see spec sheet below).


However, it is quite costly, which keeps it away from a lot of buyers. Secondly, Samsung is building it in limited quantity, ensuring that you may not see it on the second-hand market any time soon. Lastly, its unique form factor may not be to everyone’s liking, depending on who you ask. By the way, I quite like it.


What makes the Galaxy Z Flip not worth your consideration is the presence of the Samsung Galaxy Fold, Apart from being a foldable device, that phone looks like it is tailor-made for power users. Also, it has gone through a few iterations in a short time span, which means many of its initial issues have been majorly rectified.


For a slightly higher price, the Galaxy Fold presents a better purchase proposition. However, don’t take it as a negative towards the Galaxy Z Flip. If it indeed marks the launch of a new product lineup, then I am excited for the future this device presents. My reasons are fairly straight-forward.


The Galaxy Z Flip breaks the mold for what a foldable smartphone should look and feel like. It proves that by not going the traditional route, a foldable smartphone offers more usability than ever. Also, unlike the Moto Razr, the Galaxy Z Flip also shows how to go notch-free.


For those interested in the future of the smartphone industry, the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip presents an opportunity. For that reason, while I can’t say it is worth your consideration, I will say it is worth your attention.

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip – Specs at a Glance

SpecificationsSamsung Galaxy Z Flip
PriceRs 1,09,999
Processor2.95GHz 64-bit octa-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 855+ with Adreno 640 GPU
DisplayExternal – Super AMOLED, 1.1-inch, 300x112p resolution; Internal – Infinity Flex, Dynamic AMOLED, 6.7-inch, Full HD+ (2636x1080p) resolution and 21.9:9 aspect ratio
Internal Storage256GB (non-expandable)
Operating SystemAndroid 10 with Flex Mode UI
Rear Camera12-megapixel + 12-megapixel
Front Camera10-megapixel
DimensionsFolded – 73.6mm x 87.4mm x 17.3mm; Unfolded – 73.6mm x 167.3mm x 7.2mm
Fingerprint ScannerYes
Water/Dust ResistanceN/A

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