Autocratech – Suprises ahead

Of late, I haven’t been as punctual with my posts as I used to. This is a post to touch upon that and to give you an idea of all that’s coming up soon on Autocratech. Stay tuned!

Before I start, let me make a few admissions. This post seems a bit delayed. Lately I haven’t been great at staying punctual. Also, it has been quite a few slow months. Outside of crossovers, which are a fad, carmakers haven’t been on a car launch spree. That will likely change soon but until then, I make do with what I have.


In all honesty, the last few weeks have been crazy. Crazy work schedules, little to no rest, and a lot of run around has been my routine. I have tried to avoid sickness, injury, and exhaustion as much as I could. The last one did catch up anyway but at least I recovered fast.


I was working on a story when I thought I should work on a month-started kinda story. This pieces may feel like a monologue but at least I am able to tell you how similar your and my life is, if at all. That’s also the reason why if you spot any mistakes here, that’s by design. I have tried to retain the conversational essence of this piece to the max.


The last few weeks have also gone into some thoughts. In my earlier posts like this one, I have talked about how I’ve been told to work on a video channel. Why I haven’t is down to a few reasons – I have no experience with videos or any type of audio-visual production, and I don’t have the bandwidth.


This doesn’t mean I’ll have no video channel at all. I’ll work towards it in steps. I have had to contemplate on it especially since my Medium page has been gathering ‘dust’. Unless I can keep that running alongside this website, I won’t be able to take the next step. After all, I don’t want the next property to languish because my schedule’s been crazy.


In short, I have a lot to work on, starting with my posting punctuality out here. To help me with that, I have started work on some new posts on what we call forbidden fruits. What are these products? Who make these? What do they mean for you? These are some questions whose answers you’ll have to wait for. Don’t worry, the answers are coming soon. Till then, don’t forget to check out the photos of some of my all-time favourite products.

Thank you for your time, everyone!

Yours truly,

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