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November was a landmark month for Autocratech. I got back to doing what I do best – talk about some new stuff. Rest assured, more is coming. Keep watching.

Finally I have enough time on my hand to pen down a monthly report. Last month, I didn’t have one. I had to make do with announcing Automobile and Gadget of the Month awards for October. I had to clock in some dedicated study time. In all of two weeks, I felt as if I weren’t going to write anymore. No Autocratech, no Medium, nothing for two straight weeks. This is the reason why November is so special for me. I’ll get right to it.

New Learnings

Writing is an exercise-cum-outlet – Earlier, I used to think writing was just a form of expression. Anyone good at expressing themselves could do good at writing. I didn’t realise that I was writing enough to not make it feel like an exercise. The last two weeks of October made me realise just how much writing was an exercise to me. I will try not to leave this exercise again.

Reader Motivation – The end-user matters, no matter what one may think. I can be the maker of world’s best products but if they don’t work the way users want them to, it’s game over. Period. This is why I reconsidered my engagement strategy on social media. Reader engagement provides me motivation to do more. Also, it’s good to see readers be excited about new products, regardless of their origin.

Now, time for Autocratech’s Automobile and Gadget of the Month awardees for November. Here they are:

Automobile of the Month – Jaguar XJR575

I have covered some great automobiles on this website. My thoughts about them haven’t changed yet (I think that’s a good sign, but anyway). On to the Automobile of the Month. It’s no surprise that many around the world prefer the Jaguar XJ over its German rivals. It looks great, it drives great, and it is overall a great car.


The Jaguar XJR575 doesn’t change that formula. It still looks great and drives great too. The difference maker now is a supercharged 5.0-litre V8 engine. This engine makes this luxury car go like hell. If history serves any purpose, it is that if a Jaguar is fast, it will likely be a good handler too. I can’t take that benefit of doubt away from XJR575 away. Not when it is a Nurburgring taxi too.


The best bit is this – the Jaguar XJR575 is not meant for Europe due to stricter emission norms. The USA is a different story, though. There, the car goes in long wheelbase form. That means it is not just fast but it has more legroom inside. Talk about an ideal car for folks like me. I may not have the deep pockets required to get one, but I think those who do will love the XJR575. I just wish Jaguar brought it to India too.

Gadget of the Month – Apple iPad Pro

The iPad is my favourite Apple device. I used to like Mac PCs but Apple’s focus towards them made me reconsider my choice. But that partly plays into the reason why I like the iPad. I think with enough work into software part, the iPad can actually serve as a MacBook replacement. The new iPad Pro just strengthens that idea in my head.


Device security? Check, Useful accessories? Check. Decent shape and footprint? Check. The iPad has never been Apple’s mainstay, quite strange considering how it is considered the best tablet money can buy. The story has changed, however, with the new iPad Pro. The iPad may finally become a revenue mainstay for Apple.


It is not a cheap device. However, buying it makes more sense than buying a $999 iPhone XS. It may not be able to help with creative work, but I am ready to wait for this device to get better software support. Good hardware and good software have seen the iPhone become a revenue mainstay for Apple. The iPad can do the same and the new iPad Pro is the first step in that direction. Hence, it is the Gadget of the Month for November.

I thought I’d be talking more here. Guess I’d just let my stories do the talking it. Until December last week then. Oh, and do catch up with my stories on  Medium. Two more coming real soon.

Yours truly,

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