Autocratech – Surprise, Surprise!

Autocratech continues its steady march forward. The Automobile and Gadget of the Month awards return. Tune in to find out which product won and why.

We return after an eventful month of activity with our monthly report for Autocratech (check out our July report here). The Automobile and Gadget of the Month awards return too. Before talking about them, let’s first talk about all that’s new and coming with Autocratech. Here goes:

New Learnings

Realization: It should have happened earlier but with in-person feedback from multiple users has made me realize that I need to kick-start the second phase of development for Autocratech. While this is a realization, it is a surprise too. What does this surprise entail for readers? You will all get to see it starting September 2018 (one month short of Autocratech’s six-month anniversary but a non-issue on that front).

Too much social: While no one hates social media posts everyday. What many do not want are daily social media posts for seven straight days when Autocratech gets four new articles every week. Everyone can use a break, don’t you think? As a result, I thought of reducing social media posts on weekends (days you would like to relax on and just enjoy). Going forward, I will continue to post new stuff on social media at different times on weekdays but will post on weekends only when something important happens. Alternatively, you can hit me up on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Quora, and Medium anytime and I will respond as soon as I can.


Usually, there’s a lot I get to say before talking about the Automobile and Gadget of the Month awards. Things do not always remain the same and that’s okay. Consider this piece a light read this time around.

Automobile of the Month – Royal Enfield 650 Twins

The only real competitor Royal Enfield bikes had this time around was the Mercedes-Benz A-Class. The new A-Class is the first time Mercedes-Benz has turned to a torsion beam rear suspension and junking a complex multi-link type setup. It will likely be the car that defines Mercedes-Benz legacy as a luxury car maker. It is a showcase to the world that Mercedes doesn’t need to rely on costly systems and components to provide a luxury experience.


What made the 650 Twins earn this award are a few things. Firstly, they are the first motorcycles from Royal Enfield that get a twin-cylinder engine. These bikes also mark the first time Royal Enfield is serious about taking on the likes of Harley-Davidson and others. If the Himalayan is any indication of Royal Enfield’s capability, these two bikes turn out to be great machines to ride.


Royal Enfield bikes are still not considered the most reliable bikes around or the most fun. They are considered too vibey, too unrefined, and not-so-rider friendly as they seem. These two bikes can change that perception about Royal Enfield once and forever. They will also likely to bring more riders into Royal Enfield’s fold than ever, something Himalayan did too.

Gadget of the Month – Samsung Galaxy Note9 

This category had some interesting challengers for the crown like Nokia 6.1 Plus, Xiaomi POCO F1. However, while they were quite competitive, they just could not match up to what Samsung has done with its Galaxy Note range. Two years ago, the Galaxy Note 5 (now called the Note 7) garnered rave reviews before its fatal flaw reared its ugly head (the battery). From there, it was a lot of rebuilding for Samsung, both in terms of Galaxy Note’s image and its own goodwill.


The Galaxy Note 8 was a sign that its predecessor necessitated tightening of Samsung’s manufacturing process. The Galaxy Note9 is a sign that Samsung is back at the top of its game. It is a sign that Galaxy Note range comprises of some of the best, most powerful, and most feature-laden phones the world has ever seen. It is a sign that counting Samsung and Galaxy Note range out is a mistake other smartphones makers cannot commit.
With that, I would like to thank you all for your continued support for Autocratech. This website would not have come this far without you. Thank you everyone!

See you coming Tuesday on Autocratech with new posts. Do not miss out on my latest post of Medium this coming Thursday.

Yours truly,

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