This Dodge muscle car is quite unique

The Dodge Challenger GT AWD is a unique muscle car. It is the only muscle car which has all-wheel traction. Is it worth consideration even when it doesn’t get a V8?

Fiat Chrysler Automobiles has some great nameplates under its umbrella. One of these  products sports a Dodge badge and is a muscle car. It isn’t the fastest or the best handling muscle car ever. It, however, is the only all-wheel-drive muscle car in the world. It is called the Dodge Challenger GT AWD. Why is it being talked about? Earlier this month, I wrote a piece on Sergio Marchionne on Medium (check it out). That piece talked about three cars that would always make me remember him. I was unable to talk about it there even though I did feel it deserved a mention. So, here we are.

Specifications Dodge Challenger GT AWD
Price US $33,995 (approx Rs 23.31 lakh at current exchange rate)
Engine DOHC, 24-valve, port-injected, 3.6-litre Pentastar V6 petrol
Power 309HP
Torque 363Nm
Transmission 8-speed TorqueFlite 845RE automatic
Front Suspension Independent, double wishbone with gas-charged dampers
Rear Suspension Independent, multi-link with gas-charged dampers
Front Brake 345mm discs with dual-piston calipers
Rear Brake 320mm discs with single piston calipers
Length 5,027mm
Width 2,169mm
Height 1,460mm
Wheelbase 2,950mm
Mileage 9 kmpl
Fuel Tank Capacity 72 litres

What’s new about the Dodge Challenger GT AWD?

There is barely anything new about the Dodge Challenger GT AWD on any front except the presence of an all-wheel-drive system. Its styling is more inspired by the regular Challenger than the manic Hellcat. This means no supercharged V8, no hollowed-out LED rings for air intake, and no crazy symbols around. Is that a bad thing? Not really.


The Dodge Challenger GT AWD is a two-door coupe that packs a longitudinally-mounted 3.6-litre Pentastar V6 petrol engine. It has dual overhead cams, 24 valves, port fuel injection, aluminium block, aluminium-alloy heads. This engine produces 309HP power and 363Nm torque. This engine is mated to a TorqueFlite 845RE eight-speed automatic gearbox.


The Challenger GT AWD gets an unequal length double wishbone suspension up front with monotube gas-charged shocks with coil-over springs and stabilizer bar. The rear end of the car has a multi-link (5 links) suspension with monotube gas-charged shocks with coil-over springs. Owners can also opt for Super Track Pack and High Performance suspension setups (for a cost, it seems).


The front brake discs on the Dodge Challenger GT AWD measure 345mm in diameter and have dual-piston calipers. The rear brake discs measure 320mm and have single piston calipers. One can also opt for the Brembo high performance brake package (360mm front discs and 350mm rear discs, both vented and slotted). Electronic aids include traction control system, ABS, EBD, and hill-start assist.


The Dodge Challenger GT AWD measures 5,027mm in length, 2,169mm in width, 1,460mm in height, and its wheelbase spans 2,950mm. The car weighs 1,847kg, has 54:46 weight distribution, and a 70-litre fuel tank.

Is the Dodge Challenger GT AWD worth consideration?

If the Dodge Challenger GT AWD comes to India in the future, it will definitely be worth considering. For those who can get one, they should give it a good long thought. This muscle car is a great option for those living in areas where it rains/snows most days of the year. Having four-wheel traction is better than two-wheel traction only. Not to forget is that this AWD system defaults to rear-wheel-drive when the weather outside is sunny and dry and has a front-axle disconnect system for that. In Sport mode, the car powers all four wheels exclusively. This AWD system has a rear-wheel bias and sends a maximum 38 per cent power to the front wheels.


This car is also a part of late Sergio Marchionne’s legacy. His unique way of dealing with things and managing FCA returned the company to profitability. In the same vein, giving a muscle car like Challenger AWD capabilities opens it up to more buyers in more markets, giving the nameplate a much wider recognition than it ever had. What’s there to lose for Dodge that it can’t gain with models like Challenger Hellcat and Challenger Hellcat Redeye?

Dodge Challenger GT AWD – Synopsis

  • Priced at US $33,995 (approx Rs 23.32 lakh at current exchange rate)
  • Is the only all-wheel-drive muscle car from the factory
  • Has a Pentastar 3.6-litre V6 engine under the hood with 309HP power and 363Nm torque
  • Eight-speed TorqueFlite automatic gearbox sends engine’s power to all four wheels
  • Front gets double wishbone suspension, rear makes do with a multi-link setup
  • Monotube gas-charged shocks with coil-over springs at all four corners
  • Super Track Pack, High performance suspension setups optional
  • Front brake disc measure 345mm while the rear discs measure 320mm
  • Optional Brembo high performance brake package offers 360mm discs up front and 350mm discs at the rear
  • Electronic driver aids include traction control system, hill-start assist, ABS, and EBD
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