Autocratech – Q1 down, 3 more to come

Autocratech has officially completed a quarter in July. Read more about what’s new on Autocratech in July along with winners of our Automobile and Gadget of the Month awards.

The month of July comes to an end on the same day as this piece goes live (the website has officially completed a quarter). This means two things – I get to talk about all that’s new at Autocratech, and Automobile and Gadget of the Month awards are here (which come a bit later). Talking about the month of June for a bit, I earlier thought that I would struggle to do something new. By June-end, Autocratech’s social media presence had been built, pieces were coming out at a steady pace, and everything was good in auto and tech worlds. As I finish this report, I know I jumped the gun with that thought (should’ve avoided that). Here’s all that’s new at Autocratech:

What’s New

Medium Presence – I have finally put together a plan to start posting on Medium starting August (first piece coming this Thursday). It will build on the theme established on Autocratech but with a twist. What’s in store for you as a reader? Tune in to Medium this Thursday to find out.

Regular Social Media Posts – Another thing I toyed with was posting on social media to help you catch up with past/relevant stories or new developments (like McLaren revealing the name of their next hypercar that was earlier the BP-23). As I work on Autocratech’s Medium presence, these updates will become more regular over time.

Priority to latest developments – One strategy I have adopted is preparing pieces about latest developments while I work on other pieces alongside. This way, I can talk about latest developments from the market while also keep the conversation going about existing products.

New Learnings

Social Media Amplification – Using social media may have got Autocratech more viewers (and continues to do so). However, it also amplifies the mistakes I make, be it in the published pieces or the social media posts. I have to be extra careful about what I do to keep that effect in check.

Social Media Plan/Strategy – Just like Autocratech, having presence on social media channels requires a plan and a strategy. I realized this when I was thinking about heading to Medium. I wanted to expand the website’s reach through Medium for some time but my lack of plan/strategy kept me from it. As a result, I no longer automate posts on Twitter and LinkedIn as a part of this strategy to ensure I have time to work on the social media post with a fresh mind and a fresh take.

Relaxing Posts – This is something I should have realized earlier. Autocratech should be a place where readers like you can come and relax. Every post should help you relax, helping you assimilate as much information as possible (it helps with information retention too), something news websites can’t help you with. This means that usage of certain type of language will be avoided on Autocratech as well to reflect this message (plus it will challenge me as a writer).


With all that talk done, let’s now focus on our monthly activity – the Automobile/Gadget of the Month awards. The competition was fierce but one quality is all it took for our winners to take home the awards. Without further ado, here goes:

Automobile of the Month – Skoda Octavia RS

The decision may seem groan-inducing but it wasn’t easy for the Octavia to eke out a win here. It was going up against the likes of Aston Martin DBS Superleggera and Rapide AMR, the McLaren 600LT, and the Kawasaki Ninja ZX-10R and Ninja 300. Each competitor had an argument to take home the crown. The McLaren 600LT almost won too, but one wrinkle kept it away from the victory (it is here only for a year). The Octavia RS is not as exotic as the McLaren 600LT or any of its other competitors. What it does is offer a great package to regular buyers.



The Octavia RS is immense value for money. However, it can be had by way more buyers than the most inexpensive McLaren ever made (the 600LT is not one of them though). IN fact, in its first year of sale in India in current form, Skoda was unable to meet the demand for this car. The Skoda was closely matched by the Kawasaki Ninja 300. However, the news of Ninja 300’s prices likely to be revised upward soon was enough to give the Octavia RS a boost to the top and take home the win. A well-deserved win for Skoda? You bet.


However, the honorable mention will still go to the McLaren 600LT. It is made by people who have a single-minded focus on performance. They care about nothing but being the best team of car folks on the planet. From making the 570S look crazy and drool-worthy to squeezing out more performance from its engine, McLaren fundamentally created a new car with the 600LT. In the process, the legacy of the Long Tail lived on. For that dogged pursuit of being the best, the McLaren 600LT deserves this mention.

Gadget of the Month – Vivo Nex

The fight in this department was not as fierce as in the Automobile of the Month category. However, three devices stood out and had a legit claim to the award. These are the Nokia 8110, Vivo Nex, and the Oppo Find X. Of these three devices, only two could challenge for the crown as the Oppo Find X just had a major bust (find out what that bust is in our story on the Find X), leaving the Nokia 8110 and Vivo Nex to duke it out.


In the end, the Vivo Nex won over the Nokia 8110. The Vivo Nex costs less than most of its competitors in the market. The OnePlus 6 may beat it when it comes to price, but that phone does not have as big a screen as this phone nor a fingerprint scanner under its display. Also, the 128GB OnePlus 6 costs Rs 39,999, putting only a Rs 5,000 (approx) gap between itself and the Nex. The Nex matches OnePlus 6 and one-ups it too, making it worthy of this award.


The honorable mention will go to the Nokia 8110. So what if it is not on sale in India right now? One thing I do know about the Nokia 8110 is that it will likely be a big seller for Nokia in India. It has a lot of tech under the hood despite being a feature phone. This phone simply is a reminder than feature phones do not have to feel like downgrades. As a bonus, which other phone can claim to have as strong a recall value as this one (it is The Matrix phone after all)?


This brings an end to our monthly report for July. This means the start of a new month and some new fresh new stories as well. Autocratech has achieved a small milestone of having over 50 stories live, which is something considering the website is not into news business and is weekly in nature. Next milestone? Over 100 stories on Autocratech.

Don’t forget to let me know what you think about Autocratech by commenting on posts/liking them. Do invite your family and friends to check out Autocratech. Most importantly, always stay passionate about something, be it automobiles, gadgets, or anything else of your choosing.

See you this Thursday on Medium and coming Tuesday here on Autocratech.

Yours truly,


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