Autocratech – The (fulfilling) journey so far

Autocratech now enters the month of June. A new month comes with new avenues and new possibilities. Let’s take a look at Autocratech’s journey so far.

Hello fellow readers

There’s just so much to write here. May has been an important month for Autocratech and for me. While Autocratech scaled up with more content, I tried to establish a pace and content quality standard for the website. There were a few high points and learnings along the way. This post will talk all about those highs and lows. Moreover, I will also be starting a new practice – the Automobile of the Month and the Gadget of the Month awards (corny? I know, but let’s do this anyway). Your comments and feedback is welcome (as always). So here goes:

High Points

  1. Freedom – I get to tackle any topic I want without thinking about the lowest common denominator (that is a person who is least interested in automobiles or gadgets). Yes, it means I am limiting my reach. However, I want to emphasize that Autcratech is a place for people who are even remotely interested in automobiles and gadgets. At least any conversations taking place on this website will be among people having same tastes, regardless of their knowledge.  That’s something I can settle for.
  2. More work, less marketing – I get to write four posts a week outside of my regular job (I am a writer but cater to a different audience). In doing so, I focus on writing as nicely as I can. Right now, I have presence on Twitter and Quora (Medium coming soon, no plans for Facebook yet). Marketing will take some effort from my end. For now, my sole aim is to connect with you through my work alone.


  1. All does not go your way – From scheduling posts which are published 5-10 minutes late to seeing the website order disturbed, some things drive me a bit insane. However, these incidents are helping me be more patient than before (a silver lining). Moreover, I have to work around these issues, helping me with my problem-solving skills somewhat.
  2. Topic selection isn’t easy – The topics I pick have to mean something to everyone. I can’t talk about what masses can buy (or I may as well start writing for people who have no interest in automobiles or gadgets at all). However, I can’t talk just about high-end products as they are not relevant to everyone. So, I have to ensure I pick topics that can be of use to their intended audience while offering something to readers other than beautiful photos and specs.
  3. Humility is the key – While Autocratech does not have posts going up daily, keeping them regular is still important. Unlearning habits is also a part of being humble. What I write has to be simple and friendly for readers, be it native English speakers or first-timers. Balancing all these factors is not easy. But when has anything that’s worth doing ever been easy?
  4. Change is coming – Yep, change is coming. I have had to change quite a few things in May. One of these changes is publishing posts at a different time. Earlier, I used to publish posts around 10:00 am every Tuesday and Thursday. Then I started publishing them around 9:00am on the same days. Initially, I had not planned on writing this piece either. But here it is. Change is not over and you will see more of these in near future.

Time now for the Automobile and the Gadget of the Month awards (for May). Feel free to agree or disagree with my choices here.

Automobile of the Month – Porsche 911 GT3 RS

May saw some great automobile stories being covered here. There were the Thunderbird X twins that showed that RE can break tradition too (tubeless tires, ya’ll. Recall the last time an RE had those). Then there were the super sedans from Germany, the BMW M5 and the Mercedes-AMG E 63 S 4Matic+. However, for me two automobiles were atop all these.


First and subjectively the winner for this category is the Aston Martin Vantage. Topping that car’s visual and mechanical appeal was a near impossible task. I also called it a machine that appeals to you on an emotional level. Eking out a win over it was difficult but the Porsche 911 GT3 RS did it. This car is so pivotal to Porsche that they also have a story on their website about its exterior paint colour choice.


Yes, the GT2 RS is faster around the Green Hell than this car. Here’s the deal though. It is not always about the faster car. If you compare both GT2 RS and GT3 RS, which one do you think will be more friendly to use daily? Objectively, is 700HP more manageable than 520HP? Which one’s limits will you be able to explore faster? Objectively, it is the 911 GT3 RS (only a drive in both cars will change my stance in this case).

Gadget of the Month – Huawei Porsche Design Mate RS

Don’t tell me you thought the OnePlus 6 was going to win here. It is a nice device that offers immense value for money. However, it is incomparable to the iMac Pro which has been created with a single purpose in mind – pure, unadulterated brute force. However, the gadget of the month has to mean more than that.


The Huawei Porsche Design Mate RS is the phone you want but can’t have. Its price tag is the only thing working against it. Everything else just points to a great device here. Two fingerprint scanners in a phone? It has them, one under the screen as well. Three rear cameras? It has those too. 512GB internal storage? It is the first phone to have that much storage.


These are just some reasons why this phone is Autocratech’s Gadget of the Month. It may be costly but it packs so much that it is crazy. When you consider it is a Huawei phone and not a Samsung or an Apple, the craziness quotient goes further up many notches. And that is why it is the winner here.


In the end, I would like to say just this – I may not have many readers right now but I am grateful for all those that visit Autocratech. Thank you all! Thank you for motivating me to continue this effort. Most importantly, thank you for letting me know I can use my voice and be of use to you. I may say all this at the end, but that only means one thing – at the end of everything, all I care for is you, my readers, who turn to Autocratech for your various needs. I hope I help you meet your needs and will try to continue to do so.

Signing off till coming Tuesday

Yours truly,

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